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About Us

Over 20 Years Experience in the Automotive Diesel Industry


When it comes to unleashing modern vehicle’s true potential, Diesel Tech Tuning is up there with the finest. We are always working to improve and update our skills, keeping in touch when it comes to training updates and technological developments throughout the industry.

We don’t let just anyone work on your vehicle. We only work with qualified and experienced automotive technicians who go through a rigorous training and attend courses. After all, vehicle remapping is a delicate game and we know that you expect – and deserve- the very best for your pride and joy.

Before coming on board with Diesel Tech Tuning, every single technician will be put through rigorous paces to make sure their OBD, bench remapping skills and diesel diagnosis are the state of the art.

We are not an overnight so-called ECU remap specialist that’s been working on petrol cars. We know our common rail diesel and only work on common rail diesel and nothing else.


Phone: +61 406819918


Opening Hours: 7 am - 7 pm